Gissin & co,. Advocates is one of the leading offices in Israel in the field of corporate and financing law, securities and the capital market, commercial litigation and insolvency.

In the last decade, the firm has been involved in most of the major debt settlements in Israel (B Communications, IDB, Delek Real Estate, Africa Israel, Sunny, Alon Blue Square, and more), and specializes mainly in international insolvency proceedings of foreign bond companies such as All-Year, UrbanCorp , Brookland, Mirland, Besser Europa, Starwood, and in that framework manages extensive international activity of investment, realization and the sale of assets.

Adv. Gissin is consistently selected as one of the most influential lawyers in his field, and is personally responsible for many court precedents.

The firm’s litigation department has a unique specialization in corporate and securities law and manages complex and significant cases in these areas, including international proceedings.

The firm has a broad reputation and  is at the forefront of these areas of law, and known for its creative legal operations, supporting legal proceedings and complex transactions and initiating and obtaining legal precedents.

The firm has been operating since 1994 in providing legal backing of  institutional and public clients active in the capital market – ongoing support of corporations – and proactively working with the Securities Authority and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and additional entities and is retained by leading public companies in the economy in their activities in both the capital market and in their commercial activities.

The firm and its partners are ranked in local and international rating guides, including BDI, Dun & Bradstreet, IFLR among the leading firms in the categories of: insolvency and debt settlements, commercial litigation and the capital market. In addition, the Chambers and Partners guide ranked Adv. Gissin among the leading lawyers in Israel in the field of debt settlement and insolvency.

In 2021, the firm established, together with Aviva Ben Moshe CPA (until 2020 – a senior member of the Securities Authority for 31 years), a dedicated company – Harpoon Capital Consulting Ltd. Harpoon provides consulting services, opinions and financial advice in the areas of the capital market to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Ltd., various traded companies and partnerships.

The firm believes in an uncompromising commitment to providing first class round-the-clock service, while ensuring excellence in both professionalism and service, as well as crafting the innovative solutions that the firm initiates and for which it is now renowned.

The firm is a member and exclusive representative in Israel of the BTG Global Advisory network, which is the global international network and has a great reputation in the field of international debt settlements and insolvency. The network that allows our office and its clients direct and immediate access to leading professionals in the field of insolvency and distressed businesses in almost every region of the world, and especially in North America.