Harpoon Capital Consulting LTD

In 2021, the firm, together with Aviva Ben Moshe, CPA (who until 2020 was a senior member of the Israeli Securities Authority for over 31 years), founded a specialized company – Harpoon Capital Consulting Ltd..

Harpoon provides consulting services, ongoing guidance and expert opinions in the financial regulation, corporate governance, and accounting.

Harpoon advises in complex transactions, public and private offerings, intricate regulatory situations, formulating innovative financial instruments and more.

Harpoon’s activity in the capital market is based on the partners’ many years of experience as well as having a skilled team of professionals.

Aviva Ben Moshe, CPA – in 1989 graduated with a B.A. in economics and accounting and in 1992 earned an MBA specializing in finance and banking from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Aviva is married and is a mother of three. Aviva, is the former head of the Gas and Oil, Real Estate, Retail and Trade teams within the Corporate Finance Department of the Israeli Securities Authority, and was responsible for reviewing reports and prospectuses for the department as well as heading its market development and regulation projects.