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March 2018:
Advocates Guy Gissin, Yael Hershkovitz and Sharon Eisner-Bel represents Polar Investments Ltd. in the completion of a debt settlement. 
Insol Seminar, 27.6.2017: 
Adv. Guy Gissin acted as Panel Moderator in a Panel which discussed the application of the EU Insolvency Regulation and the latest proposed Israeli insolvency law and case law.
TheMarker, 1.6.2016:
“IDB is insolvent: The bondholders filed a request to liquidate the company.
Calcalist, 19.5.2016:
Good news for Urbancorp boundgolders: Gissin transferred the trial to israel
Calcalist, 26.9.2017:
The Urbancorp Debt Settlement was approved. Nis 57 millions will be immediately distributed to the Bondholders
TheMarker, 25.4.2016:
The Court appointed Guy Gissin as the special manager at Urbancorp: “The company has no management”