The Multidisciplinary Center for Mediation

The Mediation Center is Israel’s leading research and training center for mediation in insolvency proceedings. The Center was set up jointly with, and operates within the framework of, the Bar Ilan University.

The Center specializes in three principal areas:

Research – raising and providing research grants to doctoral graduates in the Bar Ilan University’s Law Faculty in the field of insolvency and mediation aimed at promoting ADR solutions to crisis situations in corporations by reason of insolvency and in corporate governance issues and directors’ liability.

Academic Center – courses and professional studies for senior professionals wishing to expand and widen their professional and personal knowledge in the field and develop mediation skills.

Business Center – holding mediation proceedings via a team of senior mediators having broad knowledge in these fields and providing solutions to corporations and organizations undergoing difficulties ahead of or in the process of insolvency amid distancing them from the financial crisis.